Monday, November 2, 2009

Dream On

I disagree with his title. I think he is usually dumb. Rather, I think he is unusually dumb.

Craig's List - Reno - m4w

Not usually dumb just with women - 45

I’m not normally stupid, just around women

My fantasies are diverse and perhaps crazy. And I’ve come to realize that two partial fantasies are all I will ever experience. But they were great so I suppose I shouldn’t complain. I wanted sex in high school in the worst way. But I was a virgin when I married. I should have married a whore but I married someone who “said” she had a high sex drive. But she got mad when I told her I fanaticized about her and other men. She got mad enough at the end of our marriage she had a few encounters. Although I loved it and encouraged her she felt guilty which turned to anger towards me for encouraging her. My next relationship was a little more open and we enjoyed several encounters and we shared our bed twice. We both loved the experience. But I was awarded custody of my children. She didn’t want to be a mom again so once again I was single. I swore I would never marry again. But one friend asked me to marry her. I told her I was not the kind of man a woman wants to marry. I explained I have a very high sex drive although I do try to contain it. If I didn’t get se everyday I would find a girl friend or open couples to take care of the drive. She explained she had her own lover and it wouldn’t be a problem. I didn’t even mention I could count all my lovers on part of a single hand. I told her about wanting to experience a black woman, a latino, a very large woman, an Indian, an amputee, share a married woman with her husband, take a date on a road trip with sex in the outdoors, be used by multiple women for their own satisfaction, experience a very dominant woman, a very athletic woman, etc. Again she was ok with them as long as I was safe. She couldn’t make up her mind rather she would want to know about it at the time or not. I told her I fantasized about another mans cum leaking from my bride as we got married. She said it’s ok to fantasize it’s not going to happen. I told her I wouldn’t mind raising black babies. She told me she didn’t want to have any kids of her own and she didn’t have a thing for black men. I figured well if I can fantasize and experiment a little on my own I would give it a try. So I married here. Now she hates my kids. She is jealous of any time I spend with them. She is so jealous of me I don’t have time to read a magazine and masterbate let alone try to fulfill any fantasies. So I have sex one to three times a year and I dream of fulfilling a fantasy or two someday.


  1. "I told her I fantasized about another mans cum leaking from my bride as we got married."

    Golly, there's nothing fucked up about that, right?

    What part of that is supposed to make me want this guy so bad I'd respond?

  2. this one was interesting because it's kind of just his life story. not really a: i'm searching for x. but it was too funny not to post!