Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another poet

I think he means herbavorus lameus.

Craig's List - Los Angeles - m4w

29 Herbavorus-Studmuffinus


I eat broccoli.
And when you see me dine
you'll be all about me.

But why be a bore
When we get to my door
Skip the bedroom
Let's get on the floor.

My mom says I is cool
I'm a little slow, don't like school
Yeah I'm white
That don't mean a thing
Just can't really dance or try to sing.

I wear this hat
And these shades
'Cause I r stud yo-
And drink gatorade.

My hat's green because I'm all about broccoli.
Don't say it's lame 'cause u can't stop me
From bein the stud that munches on leaves
twigs, grains, quinoa, berries.

Word. Yo, I'm out.


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