Friday, November 13, 2009

Special edition-Because 911 is a joke

While some of the best posts come from typical dating sites, we should not forget those condemned to singlehood that expose themselves through every day outlets. When your desperation reaches this low, you deserve some sort of award.

Florida man dialed up cops from shower "to have some fun"

NOVEMBER 12--Meet Joshua Basso. The Florida man was arrested yesterday after allegedly placing a series of obscene 911 calls during which he asked a female operator about her breasts and whether she would have sex with him. When confronted by cops, Basso would not say whether he was masturbating while talking to the operator, as he claimed during the calls, according to a Tampa Police Department report. The 29-year-old rooming house resident admitted placing the calls, but "did not think he would get in trouble for calling 911." That miscalculation resulted in Basso being charged yesterday with a misdemeanor count of misusing the 911 system (he was booked into the Hillsborough County jail, where the below mug shot was taken). Asked why he chose to dial 911 from among "all the numbers he could have called," Basso told police that his LG cell phone was out of minutes and he "called 911 because it was free." An excerpt from one of Basso's calls--which he placed while a shower was running in the background--can he listened to via the above link. Basso appears to be pleasuring himself while an operator diligently tries to obtain his address.

The full story, police report AND audio clip of the idiot's phone call are on The Smoking Gun

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