Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot Asian college girl looking for marriage

First off there is no picture, so I'm doubting the hot factor. If she was hot she wouldn't need a Craig's List ad - just a shot of tequila at the local bar. Also, who can expect a serious reply to this? She's using you boys. She just wants to be friends and then attach a ball and chain to you. Sounds like a keeper.

Hot Asian college girl looking for marriage

Date: 2009-07-22, 3:04AM

I'm a 21-year-old Asian girl who is looking for a nice guy who I can be friend with and who is also willing to go through a contract marriage with me. Serious responses only please, especially from military guys.

Location: La Jolla (California

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Because me love you long time

originally posted in CL Little Rock, AK
i find good man - 39 (Thailand)
Date: 2009-07-26, 2:11PM CDT

hello,i can speak english a little bit i find good man a long time. im 39 years old i divorce already i have 3 kids 2 girls 1 boy they are 21,20,15 they can take care themself they are in bangkok i am with my mom take care her out from bangkok 2 is pretty city. i have 2 dogs for guard my house when somebody comming. do you mind my kids? i happy i have warm family and friendly to otherbody when we was together we talk and laugh all day me happy. i have flowers shop.if you come to thailand you can enjoy with my family. take care KOP

Honorable mention goes to "Seeking sain male - 21 (Little rock)
Date: 2009-07-26, 5:04PM CDT"

Because you've been a bad boy

35m/new orleans

My Self-Summary

i am the spinner of stories,

the teller of tales,

the purveyor of puns.

i am an entertainer at heart.(it really helps when bartending.)

i am;opinionated, but i am flexible.

open minded, though i am stubborn.

strong willed, yet they say i sway easily.

able to speak my mind, to a fault (when properly "loosened up")

very good at pissing people off when i try.

I don't even know what to say about this a-hole. This picture IS from his ad.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Because the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha" was HAWT

looking for asain or women like that - 22

hit me up if your asian any age or size is cool or a miget would be kool to meet to hit me up

Are there other types of women who are pseudo Asian, but aren't?
I bet this guy likes Wendy's "Asian" chicken....

Because porn is dirty

WHO Reads this ? - 28
I'm fit, attractive, moody, determined, sometimes even funny and charming. There is a huge problem though. I am insane kinky. I'm fucked up. If you think it, I want to do it. I just want to do it with the right person. Random bar slag, makes me tear up in boredom. Creepy cool, makes blush. I don't care about money, I do care about personal ambition. I don't give a fuck about career or emotional stability. I expect madness. send me a message and be honest. This is our chance.

Who reads this? Out of work hookers, apparently.

Because cyber stalking isn't illegal in every state

For the geeks and the creeps and all of us inbetween - 28
New Orleans, The hot wind moving through the city. There are building all around big and dark. The hot air feels like a comfort zone beneath all those pitch black thunder clouds moving in. I'm out there in that storm trying to hide as the rain starts to hit the back of my neck. You lie in the city. You're tucked away in your apartment. You're laying in bed. You're tired of the bar scene, You're tired of the bullshit slag scene. You're tired of the players and the liars even if sometimes you find yourself being one. I'm down there in a baseball cap, on the ground floor , getting soaked in another one of our down pours. The worlds dark and tall all around me and my sneakers are soaked. And your in your room, comfortable, the lights are dim and your eyes sore and your brains moving at thirty million beats. You don't have a turn off switch. You are just sitting there turned on. And lightning sprays out like little spiderwebs in the sky. I'm sore, muscles are tight eyes drenched in water. I've got tattoos and piercings and a rain jacket thats falling apart. Your legs are spread, your sheets are as wet as my shirt. You got home hours ago and every muscle feels tight. You want the big relief orgasm and the lover whose going to stay today tomorrow next week and always. You laying there hips bucking thinking fingers tongues , every hole filled nightly. And I'm down there where its raining, water sloshing up over the sidewalk and hitting puddle after puddle. I can't light my cigarette but I try. It's a failure in the making but who fucking cares. I'm not looking up at you judging you , I'm looking up at the storm needing you , every night. I'm crazy about you for you. I want to get out of this storm and into you so bad my shoulder muscles are screaming. I'm thinking breakfast in the morning not because it's romantic but because it's fucking breakfast. I'm down there in the dark thinking of your ass in my face and hips bucking backwards because I need you. You're up there, stretched apart, every perversion filling your head. You're groping for someone real to hold onto. You want that perfect match so bad it makes you drool. Not the lover you settle for but the lover you talk to about everything. And I'm inside of you because its Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Thursday midday, Friday, Friday night, It's Saturday three times today because fuck walking. I'm out of the rain, getting clean in the shower and watching you on the toilet because you live with me. I'm every fantasy, every perversion making it happen slow and steady. Fast and hard. I don't give a fuck because its you and me. And it's raining outside in our city. We're falling asleep in wet sheets skin to skin fan blowing over our heads. Tomorrow we are just going to go to work because it's Wednesday. Tomorrow we are just going to crawl all over one another because we need to. Tomorrow we are going to eat because we get hungry. And tomorrow we are going to fall in love all over again.

Excuse me, I have to go close my blinds...

Friday, July 17, 2009

What Would Jesus Do?

Definitely the Christian thing to do.

This one comes to us from Craigslist, Anchorage, Alaska

Married Man seeks Christian Lady - 37

My wife is far from me and I miss having a woman near.

Seeking a single Christian lady, 30 to 50 ish for conpanionship.

Interest in bible and prayer a plus.

I'll take you to the farm myself!

Love, love, love when people describe themselves as educated, then instead of calling themselves amazing, call themselves an AMAZON. And guess what? She's looking for a man who is an amazon too. Lots of exclamation points !!!!, randomly capitalized words, who wouldn't want to respond? What I want her to do is to follow that instinct and go to a farm, far away from civilization.

Craigslist, NY W4M

Educated+Smart+Sexy+Amazon seeking the same! - 31

I'm really not seeking anyone! lol I have to put myself out there some how! I'm a workaholic I have an amazing job that I love. What next....I attractive....5'8"......I could afford to lose a few lbs. Whatever! lol I'm very smart and funny and I can hold a conversation like no other!

I would say...its a MUST that you have a good/great job! Most men are intimidated after I tell them what I do for a living....then its becomes a competition! Trust me been there done it!!!

I'm a Pizza/Bagel if you know what that mean that's a plus! I like tall guys that are cute...I prefer the white chicken meat over the dark! lol In my past life I was probably a Veterinarian because I love animals! If it were up to me I'd live on a farm with tons of animals!!! I've experienced the Clubs...Lounges...I'm over it! I'm sick of the good looking people who have no substance and no personality....who think they are better then everyone else!!! I've eaten those people alive and spit them out 10x over! lol

*picture not part of ad

Going green isn't always a good thing...

Now this is class. Hey, at least he has a car!

Green Technology is Hot - 26 (Fayetteville)

Q. What's hotter than global warming?

A. Me

Because dollar general is where the high class ladies are

Dollar General SANDRA!! - m4w - 40

This lovely lady works at the new Dollar General store on airline,near LaBarre.Seen her several times and havent had the chance to talk.She is so beautiful,if anyone works nearby,or knows her please tell her about this posting,maybe she'll respond. I'm a fun guy,business owner,WM,5 ft 7,180.Love music,travel and more. Someone help me meet my dream girl!! Drive by and tell her for me..anyone!

And you need help getting the attention of such a fine lady as the Dollar General clerk. You win the "Rain Man" award for the day.

Who says chivalry is dead?

i want to own a mansion in new orleans and drive a galaxie convertible - m4w - 23

who wants to use daddy's money to help get me there? we can make love in the garden every night of our life together. i have an excellent record collection. believe in it.

I wonder if Metallica on vinyl counts as "excellent".

in search of a sugar daddy

At least she's honest about the sugar daddy part. Although I wonder how drama free someone like this really is:

i was a fool for love and that got me nowhere so i'll try a different route. i'm a 34 year sbf in need of a sugar daddy to help me get back on my feet. my car needs a engine , my iphone needs to be paid, my nails and pedicures need ta be maintained and i need an apt bc i still reside with my stupid x. i prefer someone over the age of 35, who would love to spoil me, who is into discreet encounters and doesn't mind helping me get on my feet. your REAL pic will get my real pic. i don't do drama so if that's you please don't waste my time. respond with i wanna be your sugar daddy and A RECENT PIC of you. if we should click i'll give you my messenger id and we can take it from there. please know that until i get my own place you must host and be able to pic me up. i live in a nice area and would prefer to stay in this area.....hope to hear from you soon.