Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Because cyber stalking isn't illegal in every state

For the geeks and the creeps and all of us inbetween - 28
New Orleans, The hot wind moving through the city. There are building all around big and dark. The hot air feels like a comfort zone beneath all those pitch black thunder clouds moving in. I'm out there in that storm trying to hide as the rain starts to hit the back of my neck. You lie in the city. You're tucked away in your apartment. You're laying in bed. You're tired of the bar scene, You're tired of the bullshit slag scene. You're tired of the players and the liars even if sometimes you find yourself being one. I'm down there in a baseball cap, on the ground floor , getting soaked in another one of our down pours. The worlds dark and tall all around me and my sneakers are soaked. And your in your room, comfortable, the lights are dim and your eyes sore and your brains moving at thirty million beats. You don't have a turn off switch. You are just sitting there turned on. And lightning sprays out like little spiderwebs in the sky. I'm sore, muscles are tight eyes drenched in water. I've got tattoos and piercings and a rain jacket thats falling apart. Your legs are spread, your sheets are as wet as my shirt. You got home hours ago and every muscle feels tight. You want the big relief orgasm and the lover whose going to stay today tomorrow next week and always. You laying there hips bucking thinking fingers tongues , every hole filled nightly. And I'm down there where its raining, water sloshing up over the sidewalk and hitting puddle after puddle. I can't light my cigarette but I try. It's a failure in the making but who fucking cares. I'm not looking up at you judging you , I'm looking up at the storm needing you , every night. I'm crazy about you for you. I want to get out of this storm and into you so bad my shoulder muscles are screaming. I'm thinking breakfast in the morning not because it's romantic but because it's fucking breakfast. I'm down there in the dark thinking of your ass in my face and hips bucking backwards because I need you. You're up there, stretched apart, every perversion filling your head. You're groping for someone real to hold onto. You want that perfect match so bad it makes you drool. Not the lover you settle for but the lover you talk to about everything. And I'm inside of you because its Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Thursday midday, Friday, Friday night, It's Saturday three times today because fuck walking. I'm out of the rain, getting clean in the shower and watching you on the toilet because you live with me. I'm every fantasy, every perversion making it happen slow and steady. Fast and hard. I don't give a fuck because its you and me. And it's raining outside in our city. We're falling asleep in wet sheets skin to skin fan blowing over our heads. Tomorrow we are just going to go to work because it's Wednesday. Tomorrow we are just going to crawl all over one another because we need to. Tomorrow we are going to eat because we get hungry. And tomorrow we are going to fall in love all over again.

Excuse me, I have to go close my blinds...

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