Friday, July 17, 2009

I'll take you to the farm myself!

Love, love, love when people describe themselves as educated, then instead of calling themselves amazing, call themselves an AMAZON. And guess what? She's looking for a man who is an amazon too. Lots of exclamation points !!!!, randomly capitalized words, who wouldn't want to respond? What I want her to do is to follow that instinct and go to a farm, far away from civilization.

Craigslist, NY W4M

Educated+Smart+Sexy+Amazon seeking the same! - 31

I'm really not seeking anyone! lol I have to put myself out there some how! I'm a workaholic I have an amazing job that I love. What next....I attractive....5'8"......I could afford to lose a few lbs. Whatever! lol I'm very smart and funny and I can hold a conversation like no other!

I would say...its a MUST that you have a good/great job! Most men are intimidated after I tell them what I do for a living....then its becomes a competition! Trust me been there done it!!!

I'm a Pizza/Bagel if you know what that mean that's a plus! I like tall guys that are cute...I prefer the white chicken meat over the dark! lol In my past life I was probably a Veterinarian because I love animals! If it were up to me I'd live on a farm with tons of animals!!! I've experienced the Clubs...Lounges...I'm over it! I'm sick of the good looking people who have no substance and no personality....who think they are better then everyone else!!! I've eaten those people alive and spit them out 10x over! lol

*picture not part of ad

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