Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks again to reader Anonymous for this submission (and others to come). Anonymous writes: "Perhaps the reason she can't find a guy is that she's too full of herself. 'People thought (sic) that I'm an angel'. 'I'm Asian Catherine Zeta-Jones' and is too fussy. Or maybe it's just the bad grammar... would turn any intelligent person off."

So true anonymous, so true.

Craig's List - Singapore - w4m

Living in the Heaven on the ground - 29

I don't think I'm lack of suitors or I'm too ugly for guys.
This site looks fake and those hanky panky types of persons love it that much.
I don't believe if i could find a true love here, or at least a genuine friendship.

Well, I just think to give myself a chance to write something.

Above average height, Asian Chinese rooted, good shape. More Pan- Asian look, people said I 'm Asian Catherine Zeta Jones.Grin.
Highly educated and running my family business.
Like golf and car racing, flying and diving,etc..My parents had brought to this "Gold "spoon family .
My family are close to the richest King in the small , rich country, which is in between the borneo Island.

People thought that I 'm an Angel. Good heart and genuine. I burnt millions for charity, and unlucky people........
I don't think I want to write everything here.

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