Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How much does she charge?

Submitted by Anonymous

This is either a fake ad or someone with a very low iq. First, she posts in the m4m section. Then she states she is 33 but in the next sentence states she is 17. Then we get a poem. But then she mentions that she puts out really easily, so I'm sure she's getting a lot of replies.

Craig's List - Singapore - m4m

Hi! - 33

I'm seventeen, and I'm new here today.
The village I come from seems so far away.
All of the boys know much more what to say.
But I know I have a heart like the sea.
A million dreams are in me!


Just looking for interesting guys whom I can hang out with, whom to play with, whom to have sex with, and whom I can share some idle time with.

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