Friday, November 6, 2009

Once again, submitted by reader Anonymous. This guy could have turned this long ad into one sentence: "I'm looking for a girlfriend who I can love as much as I love video games. Oh and I hate sports, even when they are in my video games." By the way, the quote is from Metal Gear Solid, which is (surprise, surprise) a video game!

Craig's List - Singapore - m4w

Do you think love can bloom even on a battlefield? - 26

If you know the source of that quote (without Googling it), I totally wanna marry you! ;) Only half-kidding about that.

I'm a huge videogame nerd, looking for a cool nerd girl hang out with and to play and chit-chat about videogames with. I'm into all kinds of games (except for sports games—nothin' wrong with them, but they're just not my style), be they on console (yes, I actually have a Wii, a 360, and a PS3), handheld (PSP n DS both accounted for, n to be honest both getting more playtime than everything else combined!) or on the PC. Some of my all-time faves include: Another World, Grim Fandango (can't wait for Brütal Legend to come out!), Ico, Deus Ex, Sonic Adventure, Metal Gear Solid 3, the Half-Life series, Final Fantasy XII and my current obsession, Monster Hunter Freedom: Unite.

Bonus points if you're into science fiction & fantasy (I like: Pterry, Michael Moorcock, Neal Stephenson, China Miéville), comics (total Grant Morrison fanboy here, also love Warren Ellis, Alan Moore, Naoki Urasawa & Eiichiro Oda) n animation (love anime, but I'm also an old-school Disney fan—am cautiously excited about "The Princess & the Frog").

If what I've written resonates with you, drop me a line!


  1. Kind of scary, but at least he can spell. Funny how he goes on and on about those games, but not a word about himself.

  2. I'm a great nerd, myself, but this guy is even too geeky for me! :P