Saturday, August 22, 2009

Talk about baggage

From reader JB, thanks for your submission!

Craig's List - Reno NV - m4w

This guy has been through a lot it seems, considering he is only 20. And talk about baggage. This guy has more baggage than an airport. Good luck being his sloppy seconds!

Please read i'm confused - 20

I think this will be my last posting on craigslist so please read. My heart is in pieces right now. I don't know what to do with myself. I feel like i'm still in love with my ex. I feel like she is the one that got away. But she has two kids and is with someone but she still tells me she loves me and wants to get back with me. I feel the same way or at least i think i do. See the relationships i've had since her have been pointless i never felt really connected with them. You know what i mean. I had a deep connection with my ex. It's like i was actually in love and it was a new feeling to me. Anyways i think i just need a new relationship with someone i can connect with. A part of me believes that i don't need to get back with my ex it's just bad relationships talking. I think a good girl will make me forget about getting back with her and make all these confusing feelings go away. I'm having a hell of a time expressing myself here so sorry to the people who read this. Anyways if you think you've got what i need please contact me. I would tell you what i need but i'm not even sure myself.

He may not know what he needs but I sure know - starts with thera and ends with py.

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