Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fetish time!

Craig's List - Merced, California - m4w

I will pay you for your breast milk

Yes, I have a fetish for breast milk. Yes, I will drink it. I also really prefer to drink straight from the tap, or have you squirt it into my mouth. Either way, I need your boob juice. If you are interested, reply to the email link below ad we'll talk.


Craig's List - Humbolt, California - m4w

Wanted: Asian woman to let me eat Orange Chicken from her crotch. - 26

I have a secret fetish with Chinese Food, specifically Orange Chicken. I want a special woman to share this with me so I can fulfill her fantasy in return.

When I'm done eating, we're going to get BUSY!

Then I'm going to crack open a fortune cookie and read it into your ears, ever so seductively. Then we are going to cuddle all night! How does that sound? Write me back! Only serious inquiries please!


Craig's List - South Bend, IN - m4w

Please poo in my mouth - 23

Females only... Looking to fulfill a fetish... and maybe I can help you with yours. It's not every day you find a guy willing to fall to his knees, worship you, and do pretty much anything you ask (not involving financials)... I want to help people explore their fetishes... everyone has em.... and trying new things are always a turn on. So if you are female, and want to make me your toilet... lemme know...


Craig's List - Cincinnati, OH - m4w

Cum explore your sleep fetish :)~ - 29

Do you get off on the idea of having sex with someone while they are asleep, or while they act like they're sleeping? Or maybe they have sex with you while you're asleep or act like it. If you do, then you have a sleep fetish :) I'm looking to explore my sleep fetish with the right lady and have fun with it. A little about me...I'm 29, white (Italian) single, professional and in good shape physically. I'm looking for a girl 18-30, attractive and must be in shape physically.

Chappelle's Show's "I want to pee on you" is ringing through my head right now.


  1. Okay, I read this whole post with my hand over my mouth in shock. So funny!

  2. I am so turned on right now--wait. No, that's nausea.