Saturday, August 22, 2009

AnNoYiNg AdS

He spent too much time on the wrong things in this ad. Too much time on making the LeTtErS lOoK StUpId, not enough time on spelling, or on just thinking twice before typing.

Craig's List - Seattle - m4w

WaT u Do N fRidAy nIghAt LeT gO crUZ n - 21

HeY wAt uP wAt yA LadiEs dO n fRiDay NigHt.. i WaZ thInK n goInG CRuz N In KeNt.. FiRdAy NiGht.. Let gO aNd c SuM rAcES.. HellA peOplE gOnnA b thIr sO It GoNna B cRazY.. sO iF u iN tO riCe RocKeT AnD faSt CaR ThAt a PlUs.. So HeRe SuM sTufF aBoUt mE iM aSiaN.. CaMboDiaN tO b ExZAC.. iM 5/5 sO iM sHoRT... NoT sKinNy Nor faT bUt bIg bOnED WitT SuM mEaT.. sO Im JuS LooKinG 4 suM One tO HaNg OuT WiT or tO kIc it U KnOw... tHaT All and c hOw it GoeS FrOM tHir.. i GOt a LittLe RiCe RoCkEt tO It a BlUe HonDa CuPe... Wit a caRbiN HoOd.. WiT gSr On iT.. PreTTy StOcK.. ThaT BacEllY It HoPe 2 heRe FroM u Or c U ThiR iN kEnt at dA JaC In Da CRacK NeXt To Da theAtRe..

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