Sunday, August 2, 2009

I can't help myself

This ass is all over CL whinging about women. Shut up and grow a pair, brah.

Finally a great guy. (Here CL)
Date: 2009-08-01, 1:01PM CDT

So you’re the one that writes all the amazing ads on here. You’re seemingly never ending search for a great guy, as you meticulously spell out every trait that makes up such an individual. The man of your dreams and sure they exist, containing a great sense of humor and a steady job showing up here just for your delight. Searching for his own perfect girl as you would expect him to do. Consisting of all the amazing traits any normal girl would desire, seeking to make you the center of his desire or maybe looking to fill a void left in his soul, spilling his guts in an ad or possibly a response to one that seeks him out. We come in all shapes and sizes different hobbies and appeals. Yet get overlook for such shallow things as your window shopping approach to finding a good guy. Yes you can leave now, your search for one of us having been completed.. Go ahead now move along, I mean seriously back to the looser hunt that seems to be your passion or new found hobby. I mean you truly seek a bad boy or model not a regular guy… I mean us good guys have real lives and responsibilities we look like regular people not all containing a six pack or the perfect smile hell some of us just not the type to flex in front of a mirror while holding a camera, modest as we only displaying our cocks in the bedroom not to a stranger through an email. Looking to connect and less to impress but you only look for the S on our chest. Maybe if we had more time if we were unemployed or if we took so many pills and got so drunk that we honestly believed that taking a cock shot would get us our prize…. The truth is we don’t think this way, I mean sure we like to get laid as much as the next guy, but we contain the other desires that prevent such an approach. Seeking a good girl with a head on her shoulders that is not full of judgments that came here seeking what they have to offer. The truthful guy with a great sense of humor looking to get to know you and treat you right.. So just know every time you blow off some great guy on here and respond to some looser in his place you also passed up another opportunity as another weekend passed us both by. So I tell you what you do, write us some amazing email and send us a photo and instead of judging you on your qualities we will see if we think you look amazing enough for drinks all but skipping past your email as we attempt to become the asshole that you truly seek. You should have amazing tits and an ass men have either killed or died trying to get their hands on. Personality oh who cares certainly not the assholes we seek to become.. Have a great weekend with the asshole we were trying to replace. Not bitter just finally getting the hang of this.

As a special treat, I replied:
Not bitter? Oh yeah, you are. If you don't have the patience to wait for the person who is right for you, and stop being mad that women who aren't keep crossing your path, then you should give up now. You'll just spread that nasty attitude like a lifelong STD. No one wants your emotional herplie erplies.

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