Thursday, August 13, 2009

At least he gets points for honesty. Not the kind of stuff you want to find out after you meet someone. Also not the kind of stuff that makes a girl want to take a chance on a personals ad. He should have tried a more positive approach "have experienced life to its fullest" instead of listing all the different addictions he has had. Just a suggestion.

Craig's List Portland OR M4W

are you between 50to60 yrs, old

Hi what Am looking for is a woman that is poor like me but Lonely, if any of this is like you than Just maybe we might be a match, so here goe's When I was young I started Smoking when I was 10, I Started getting high when I was 7, I got kicked out of school when I was 13, been in the Joint when I was 32, been out since 1989, did 1 year Parole and been free since 1990. I've been homeless, and in 2004 I became
disabled and since then I lost my wife, my house, and dog. and it's time to move on in my life. what AM looking for is a woman that don't need a high life to be happy. so if you are interested in Knowing more about me JUST ASK and leave a name in your Reply.{BE REAL}

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