Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rhyme Time

I know part of reading poetry is interpreting its meaning, but in this case, no extra thought is needed. - m4w - 31 - U.K.

Green Eyed Loving Reading Fur Looking To Make A Female Purr

Now if your like, A mad hatter,
Then hollar me, For a natter.
We'd make a nutty, Cooky crew,
As for the record, Im Insane too.

If you want, An RP or four,
Hopefully even, Something moar.
I am always, Feeling yiffy,
Able to pounce, In a jiffy.

I am not fierce, But will gently Nibble,
Till your jucies, Flow and Dribble.
My darker side, Ill hold at bay,
Bottled up, For deviant play.

Now its passed, Valentines week,
And a female, I still seek.
So if you like, What you see,
Then cum up and, Approach me.

Especially seeking, UK fur,
As long distances, Can deter.
A soulmate I, Do hope to find,
To share a furry, Life in kind.

If youll be, The one for me,
The heights of pleaseure, We shall see.
Forever more, Two spirits one,
From now until, Kingdom come.

1 comment:

  1. For the love of all that's sight preserving, put the shirt back on. And get a haircut. That's all.