Monday, September 28, 2009

You can depend on depends.

The last two posts came from Dallas TX. So if you have a baby related fetish it seems like Dallas is the place for you.

Craig's List - Dallas - m4w

guy with weird fetish lookng for a relationship

What's going on? I'm an oddball for the most part, just got back from working overseas. Looking for a relationship. Figured it might be worth my luck to try CL. So about that fetish, I have a diaper fetish. Seems like more and more guys have this fetish. What does this mean for you? Will you wear diapers for me? No you will not. Will I want my diapers changed by you? No, I do not. Do I want to be treated like a little baby? No I dont want to be treated like a little baby.

I just want you to be aware I have this fetish, it will be easier going into a relationship with that established. I can't meet someone at Jamba Juice and immediately ask them for date and during the date tell them I have a fetish like that, that would scare them off.

Me: 5'7, 160lbs, like to read, not big on watching TV. I like to listen. Love to travel. not crazy

You: Shorter than 5' 7", okay with my fetish, not crazy, disease free, drug free (but okay with 420, i dont smoke but its cool). I dont watch TV but if you do, thats cool, I like hearing people talk about whats happening in TV Land so I feel I keep up with some of it.

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