Saturday, September 12, 2009

Best of Both Worlds

This is not the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana use of the phrase "Best of Both Worlds"...

Craig's List - Nashville, TN - m4w

Best of Both Worlds

I have alot to offer the right woman. I'm from a good family, am college educated, I'm articulate (that means I speak well), I'm classy and sophisticated, charming and funny. I am attractive and know how to treat a lady.
On the other hand, I have my evil twin brother that is the bad boy side of me. I'm a former porn stud with a thick 8 inch package thats very well experienced. I am straight, clean and tested, and can find a g spot in a minute and teach you new and exciting things. I taught porn 101 in California, teaching new performers in the adult video business. I have been in a few hundred videos and have proof if you'd like to see. I'm orally gifted and can make to writhe in ecstasy over and over again. I will reply with pics if you'd like. request which pics you'd prefer...the good boy or the bad boy. So, if you are curious/ intrigued about the whole thing and want to be exhausted by a true professional...let me know.

Sounds like he is applying for a job, listing his qualifications on a resume.

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  1. If you have to spend that much time telling me why you're the most qualified person to just wreck my vagina in bed, that probably means you've never had sex before and that is a picture of your grandpa and the hookers he hired you for your "Let's lose Billy's virginity" party when you turned 38.

    And you know the hookers went home with Grandpa.