Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For the Love of God!

These are the type of ads I expect from Craig's List, not from a paid dating site like Always a good plan to flip off potential dates and use incorrect grammar and spelling. Highly recommended. - Great Neck, NY - m4w
username: ssoheils

My past relationships:

past relationship has always something to teach you. ii have learned from past relationship that meeting someone should be with n=interest.if i realy don't like someone i don't have to date that person.

I am looking for a:

the person i would like to meet should be axactly like myself. every one has diferent charachters ,but the person i want to meet should have good manners and respect and that's all.

_____________________________________________ - Schenectady, NY - m4w
username: alisinaBCBB

in the name of god my name is ali sina in iran of isfahan my avg is 24 --

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  1. So, then, the goal with pictures in a personal ad is to look like as big of a douchebag as you can?

    Done and done!