Monday, September 21, 2009

Green card, get your green card!

What's the catch? I bet this dude is broke or has an STD.

Craig's List - Houston - m4w

Marry me and get a Green Card - 32

This is a REAL ad for foreign women who need a Green Card!!! I'm clean, straight, honest single, 5'11" tall, friendly, easy going, 32 years old, mature, reliable, drama-free, I have only been with 1 girl in my entire life, I also have up-to-date proof on paper to show you that I am disease-free, I am Catholic so I try to attend Mass weekly, and I await your serious reply!!!! I am a 100% American man, so if you marry me soon, we can either stay married then divorce later or we can stay together happily everafter, but either way, you will get your Green Card!!!!! Email me some pictures of yourself along with your phone number, so we can meet each other in person, and get married :) Thanks, take care, and I look forward to helping you get a Green Card ;) In return, I will email you some pictures of myself along will my phone number!!!!!!!

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