Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Disciplinarian

Craig's List - Reno - m4w

Strict Discipline - 27

If you need a real harsh discipline session, with NO sex involved, let me know.

I am a white male, very clean, educated. No Bullshit here. I provide for you a release of stress, anxiety and guilt through receiving punishment.

If you have guilt about something that you have done, you will have to tell me what you did, then I will punish you severely for it. You will feel cleansed afterwards and much more healthy. Your bottom will be sore for a week but your head will be much clearer. I repeat, NO SEX. Don't even ask.

This is a real punishment, not a couple of slaps. You will be made to bare your bottom in front of me, this is to add to your punishment through humiliation. Then you will be placed over my lap, paddled well, then you will have to stand in the corner of my living room for 15 minutes with your red bottom on display just to finalize your humiliation. If you are one that cries uncontrollably after your paddling (which is fine with me), then I will hold you in my arms until you have regained your composure enough to stand in the corner for your 15 minutes. No sex.

This is not about sex, this is about cleansing and releasing stresses and anxieties that create disease.

If are in need of discipline, let me know. You MUST be over 18 though. No BBW's.

I will send a picture, if you send me one. I am available most every evening. I am an experienced disciplinarian who knows how to handle giving out real punishments. Email me now.

No sex. I repeat no sex. No sex. NO SEX! Dude we got it.

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