Monday, September 21, 2009

Dream a little dream of me

This one pretty much speaks for itself. Betty Boop isn't even good enough for this one.

Looking for a Hot Wife
Date: 2009-09-21, 5:56PM CDT

First things first. I'm in the Phoenix Arizona area, so you will need to want to relocate here if interested. I will fly the "right" girl here to check things out and see me and what I have to offer. So yes, I am looking for a serious relationship but I do want a girlfriend or wife who is, to put it mildly, HOT. I'm one of those guys who gets off on showing his woman. That means doing pics, videos, etc.. The theme I prefer is high heels, little micro skirts and all the other trimmings that go with leg fetish material. I also like the huge implants look. In fact I have put up another add which specifically states I would like to find a woman who wants very large breasts as in at least DD, preferably more toward a G. This means 750cc implants minimum. Yes, if you'd like HUGE boobs you'd be my dream come true. Are you getting the picture of what I like and what I'm looking for? A few more requirements are you be slim and fit with a tight waist. You'd be 18 to 35 years old. A hot little dancer body is ideal. A desire or fantasy to be an amateur wife pornstar is the ultimate in what I'm looking for. I'm totally into photography and love nothing better than taking hot pics of MY woman. Remember, I'm looking for a serious live-in relationship. Not a model for hire. There are other wives who have sites on the web who are doing what I'm describing.. Take a moment and google Hot Wife Rio. Now there is a lucky husband. You can also search Erin's Leg Scene, Wifey, or Louises Nylon Heaven. They all do what Im looking for.
About me, I'm a SWM, forty six, five eleven and about one hundred eighty five pounds. I'm handsome, successful and own a beautiful home here in Chandler Arizona. I have tons of interests besides those listed above like Music, dining, Harleys, dirt bikes, 4 wheeling, Corvettes, road trips, landscaping, home improvement and of course... taking you! I do like to spoil "my sexy baby" with outfits, lingerie and keep her nails, hair and make-up perfect. Does this sound like the lifestyle and open minded husband you might want??? Have you fantasized about being a hot model? Well, then, what are you waiting for? Please send a pic with reply. Thanks for looking and have a great day


  1. This guy wants an oversexed Stepford wife. Scary.

  2. How come the guys who want to spoil their women and have lots of money never want a dumpy, overweight, lazy ass of a woman to sit around their houses and let her looks go to hell while the maid cleans for her?

    I've got that shit on lock, yo.