Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hoes need not apply

He is trying to change the game, reversing the way a relationship is created. Sex first, then dates.

Craig's List - Atlanta - m4w

The naked truth

I really want a down chick that's not about any games becuz Im not.I tried being real in dating..I tried to be just friends..I keep getting the same outcome.Women want to take things further with me but want to play games also.I just want someone to keep it real on any level..The level Im on now is SEX..I know this might sound strange but nothing else worked and sex is a need..When I think about it their's no difference with the chick in the mall ,club or even you if you have sex..The only difference is who you will and wont do it with..SO IF YOU WILL FUCK EVERYBODY IM NOT LOOKING FOR U...If u have read this far and think Im looking for a hoe your not comprehending.The when ..where..and how is on you.I just want you to keep it real.I think if you can be real about sex you can be real with just about anything.I get tired of movies,dinners and spending time 2gether just to find out your on some about wasting as less time possible

I atleast want to know that your being real and not puting up some front to pretend to be a certain way.At the end up the day we all know what we want.Im about buiness ....Im a cool down to earth dude..This is my first time posting something like this and hopefully the last if i find what i want..Im not trying to fuck multiple women...I have no time for diseases..I look at it this way.Instead of all the games and headaches let's just be upfront with what we want and go from there...if we click then thats whats up if not oh well..I wont overstep my boundaries..Im not going to harass you stalk you or turn physco..I expect the same..

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