Friday, September 4, 2009

Another case of the crazies

Craig's List - Atlanta - w4m (39)

SWF for SBM - I need to be taken care of and will spoil you in return

Her ad is long, so I will summarize the first part and post the rest. She starts off telling us she "WILL NOT SETTLE!" is not looking for a booty call, and that she "is very involved in my church and my community and hope to find someone that may share some of my interest in working with at-risk teens." She finishes with some photos and an excerpt of a blog post she wrote. The photos:

So many questions running through my head: what church is she "very involved" with? Which at-risk teens is she helping? And what exactly is she doing to help them? But I digress. Now the blog excerpt she decides to post:

"Why do we struggle so much with our inherent beings? Men are men and women are women. I, for one, enjoy being a woman and would never want to be a man. I enjoy being protected, cared for, desired. I also enjoy caring for, nurturing, pampering, and loving my man. What is so wrong about that? Feminism has struck at the very core of human nature. Women are now expected to be men and men are supposed to like it. In pop culture a woman having it all is the ideal (her own house, her own car, her own high power job, her own sexuality). Who is taking care of the family? Men have become dispensable, nothing more than objects to hang our arms on. They aren't needed to be father's, husbands, providers, protectors, or lovers, they are simply sperm donors. No wonder our society in in such a mess! We have broken down the head of the family, through constant male bashing, and replaced him with the all powerful woman. This is not the natural order of things! And we wonder why our young men are filling the prison system to the breaking point? We tell them that men have no value and then expect them to value themselves. They didn't need a father so why do their offspring need them? We need to rebuild our families with the man as the head of the household, not some dispensable nincompoop like we see portrayed in the media. This should be the number one priority in our society. We can't solve all of our problems over night. But, I believe that if we help to build up our men, place them back at the head of the family, restore their rightful position and give them the honor, respect, dignity, admiration, and encouragement they deserve, we will see our society turn around in a generation. Our children need fathers, our sons need to learn how to be men and our daughters need them to be husbands to them and fathers to their children. "

If you want to read more here's the full ad:

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