Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Insults away!

Seems to be the theme of ads recently: insult the women you are trying to get. Not really the best approach. But I'm sure that isn't the only reason this lovely gentleman is single.

Hot or Not - Stamford, CT - m4w (39)

A woman finds out that all her "relationships" and "boyfriends" were just hookups when it's time to get married and none can be found. Your "boyfriends" may be hotter, richer, taller etc. , but I will marry you and keep you forever. And if a man is not gonna make and raise children with you, it's as pointless as paying for window shopping. Anybody will give you "that". Is "that" all what you are currently getting? Even mail order brides are brides, not "relationships" that can end with one liner. How come even they are doing better than you?

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