Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Knowing is half the battle

This guy knows exactly what he wants and even though he can't spell it correctly or explain it in a way that is grammatically correct, he's going after it.

Craig's List - Houston - m4w

Lets cut through all the bull - 50

Ok im a SWM age 57 not going to lie about it, Im 6 tall gray hair, and over weight, cant get any shorter, or grow the hair back and dark again, but am taking major steps to lose weight this winter. Here is what I want, I want a new good friend with BENIFITS. Ok all you grannypanitie women who are still raising your middle age kids, grand kids, or aging parents, or even have more than 1 pet you can stop here I dont want you. I want a women who is a lady, and a playmate, Yes we are talking sex, I dont want it on the first date, but Im not going to date you till xmas waiting on it, That is one side of the benifit package, your side, is you will being going out with a fun witt man who will treat you like a lady, wine you and dine you, movies and ect, Now if your real and not a scammer and still have feeling below your waist, that the part that the sagging tits have not covered up, then email me back, This is a real ad, I wont open any email that do not have the color of your hair in the subject line. also your pic will get mine in return.

So if you want this winner, send your kids away from home and get rid of those granny panties (or as he calls them grammypanities)!

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