Sunday, September 20, 2009

In your dreams

Craig's List - Houston - m4w

Wanted: Really Rich Doctor or Lawyer - 27

have a job, and its ok, but my dream job is to be a stay at home dad. I don't currently have kids and don't plan to have my own for a few more years, but if you're rich (and hot?!) I'll do what you want so I can stay at home, make cookies, pack lunches, take the dog for a walk and work on cars. If that's you, hooray!

I'm sure a woman who has worked really hard and is now a doctor or lawyer with money wants nothing more than a lazy husband. If she needs someone to take care of the house she will hire a maid.

1 comment:

  1. Plus, I'm sure she'd like to take time out of her brilliant career to gestate and birth a whole litter of munchkins to pawn off on her lazy husband.

    Snatch this one up, ladies! He's a keeper!