Sunday, September 27, 2009

I saw the title and I knew

She seems a bit crazy to me. I was reading this and thinking she was a teenager, then she mentions she HAS a teenager (luckily the kid is living somewhere else, so the kid still has a chance). I get lost and confused by about 1/2 of what she says, but it seems she does too, because she drops one thought and just goes right to the next crazy one.

Craig's List - Dallas - w4m

big boobs looking for partner in crime - 33 -

i am 5'4. an honest size 3(girls tend to lie about that one) and a 36ddd cup.i am new to dallas.i am "one of the guys" type of girl.i am ur tailgate partner, ur friends wingman, and ur bbq buddy..i just wont know which guage socket u want thou.i am the girl that ur daddy will love and ur momma will hate.i am as comfortable in five inch heels as i am computer at conference rom wont let me go to get my mail how about u figure out my addrress on the Y.i love a good house dinner party over going to some fancy restaurant.i like anything outdoors.k.if u add four plus one what number do u get?dumbsquirrels is the second part of my Y addrress.or u can get me at eight one five two nine one six two six four.i just moved from illinios so excuse the out of area number will be changing it lateralsoalso a text or email i am on roaming so i will answer a text before a call..i am just loking to meet new friends to start new adventures..who knows what trouble we can get into.if its not on video never happened...more info ..i am drug free..its not a deal breaker but again i dont want to date a crackhead.i am a very social drinker and can drink most ppl under the table.i lived on an island for 15 yrs so that was all there was to sun and suds.i live about ten minutes from dallas lovefield and do not drive ..even thou i do own a car.state of texas says so..dirty appreciate emails and texts more than call.i am a one on one for talking vs a phone..but will text and email or im all day.i am not sure what i am looking for..but fun people who dont have all bad days is a great start.i am pretty much perky all the time and a huge morning person.a bit chipper.i have been in only a few relationships and am always ben a better friend than girlfriend.i do have a child.she is 16 but is living with her grandma this yr.i am staying with my dad till i decide if i am staying in dallas or going back to chicago..also i do have tattos so thats it for nowthanks for reading.have a wonderful day...

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