Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ugh another poet

One of those cases where this guy tries to be funny, which he is, just not in the way he planned. We are laughing at you dude, not with you.

Craig's List - Portland - m4w

What the Fuck?! my life has turned into a Carpenter's song - 30

Talking to myself and feeling old... All I need now is an eating disorder and piano. Now I'm writing a personal ad. ( a rather pitiful one at that)

Hell, there has to be a better song to sing!

We can go to the park.
We can have crushes on one another.
I will make you mixed tapes and food.
We can hibernate when the rain comes.
We can walk in the snow -
you can knit me a scarf -
I'll have no idea how to knit you anything.
I break sewing machines.
You'll get annoyed with me.
I'll get bored with you.
We'll both realize that we were wrong -
and do all that cute shit that people do when they realize that they were wrong.
We'll make out in public,
then be disgusted with ourselves -
we were "Those People",
but it'll be OK,
because we were drunk.
Friends will say we're "Cute Together".
I'll have no idea what you see in me.
We'll kill people, bottles, inhibitions.
We'll play roles,
I'll win at trivial pursuit:
Utah Statehood 1864
Calcium: Atomic number 20
Sopwith Camel (look it up).
"East of Eden" - 1952
The Sound and the Fury - Faulkner.
But don't worry.
the non-trivial aspects are all yours.
We'll be like/as...
Fuck your similes.

If you're awesome write back.

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