Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am no a ho.

I wonder how many responses she will get with "what's up shawty?"

Craig's List - Atlanta - w4m

Miss Missing - 28 Let me make this clear. I am no a ho. I am not looking for someone to give me sex. I am only interested in MEN between the ages of 27-35. I am not interested in men that are shorter that I (I am 5'10). Please do not send emails with your phone number or the subject stating "what's up shawty". You WILL NOT GET A RESPONSE. And...OMG....please don't contact me if you have BABY MAMA DRAMA, a lot of kids, or "A SITUATION". Thanks.

I love the pictures. Is she going into the water fully clothed? With all her jewelry? You know the fake silver will show it's true colors after being dunked in water.

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  1. If my expectations were that high, I wouldn't be trolling for men on Craigslist.