Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Guys - I know it's hard out there sometimes - but this is not the way to get a woman.

Craig's List - Portland - m4w

SO that is that - 30
Ok you win Portland, seattle women were right, I am ugly to the point of unlovability. Wont try anymore. Im gone in three days and all I can think is I wish I could afford a hooker just to feel some human connection with a woman. Seattle was bad but here, with the outward show of friendliness most people make I thought it might be different now I realize the smiles I see are mocking and the friednly airs exsist only so long as you think I have something to mooch. It really is a bummer, when I first arrived I felt like I was escaping from three year sentence in Hell. I realize now I just ditched one circle of it for another-the hell of mocking false friendship. Bye.



  2. Ha! That lighting is definitely enhancing the ugly-ness.

  3. Yawn: thanks for sharing! We'll definitely be posting that one

    HLP: This guy really doesn't even try to help himself.

  4. Horror lighting might not have been the way to go.