Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ex-Felons need love too

There seem to be a lot of felon/ex-felons in or near Reno...

Craig's List - Reno - m4w

Ex felon looking for a good time - 27

I'm 27 and recently was released from prison after 4+years. Just looking for a hot girl(s) who want to hook up. I like exotic looking women, dark hair, white/hispanic/asian. No strings attached. I've been horny for years and I'm ready to show it. If this sounds like a situation you're interested in please send a picture of yourself along w/contact info. Thanks.

At least you know this guy will be eager to please.

1 comment:

  1. Conversation Ice Breaker:

    "So, what were you in for?"
    "I shivved a guy while in the pen doing a dime on trumped up RICO charges."
    "Sexy. Do you guys get bitches in that kind of prison."
    "No, and I've been horny for YEARS!"