Saturday, October 31, 2009

Get Your Freak On

Animals, multiple men, sexual humiliation? It's all good. Except blood. Why not blood? You are exchanging every other fluid in your body.

Craig's List - New Orleans - m4w


I want a not so serious RESPECTFUL relationship with a chick that has some sort of weird kink (sexual).

Here is are some examples:
You like having multiple men while being in a relationship.
You like watching your man suck someone off.
You like getting it on with "Daddy" type guys.
You like cheating.
You like being seriously roughly dominated.
You like being a dominatrix and love to humiliate your guy sexually.
You like transvestites/animals/ I dont give a shit as long as it is something freak nasty.

No blood is my only rule.

If I missed some that is your kinks, add it onto your email.

I have an incredible turn on for women that have something beyond average. Mental aspect is 95% of the fuck.

Tall, tanned, and handsome.
Intelligent, ambitious as the fuck, and confident.

Be in shape, and have some place you would like to go in life besides the republican convention.

In case you are curious why I made "RESPECTFUL" bold is that I want people to take each other with respect even if we are not serious about being committed long term. Sex is fun and it should stay that way, I do not need emails from anyone being judgmental. I put it on craigslist for a reason and I hope to hear from like minded females.

Happy hunting ;)

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  1. He wants a relationship with a woman that is sex only, and her kink should be that she wants to have sex with other men.

    Um. Isn't that just called a one-night stand?