Friday, October 9, 2009

Interesting wording

Turned bi? How do you "turn" bi?

Craig's List - New Orleans - m4w

Any women into bi guys? - 36

So here's the deal: I was just turned bi not too long ago and have been adjusting to it. Since I'm new to the area its been difficult to meet people and now the bi thing has made it seemingly impossible to find an ideal woman. So at this point I am looking for an intelligent, outgoing woman to spend good times with who can also accept what happened to me or, perhaps better, have fun with it. If you think that might be you, or if you're up for a change of pace, please get back to me.

What "happened to" him? He had sex with a dude. Is that something that just happens to someone? Oh sorry, your dick accidentally went inside of me. But ladies, it was just an accident! Lame-o. Be who you are, don't try to downplay it or act like it just happened by mistake.

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  1. He was "turned" bi? Is that like when you get out of a really bad relationship and you joke that the relationship was so terrible that it turned you gay--only this one wasn't really all THAT bad, just there at the end. And really, now that you think about it, it was mostly good--you just weren't right for each other and you wish them the best, so maybe it just turned you kind of bi?

    "Well, damnit, Bob, you had to go and turn me bi! I know I told you I'd let you stick it in my ass, but you said I wouldn't like it!"