Saturday, October 3, 2009

Interesting approach

Usually personals ads have a straightforward approach: I am looking for this this and this and not interested in that that or that. Well this guys twists up the game a bit. I'll him creativity points, but that's about all the points he is getting from me.

Craig's List - Austin - m4w

Casting Call

I am now casting for the long running reality show, "Life with Jason". I am currently taking applications for female roles. To apply.. just send a message to me here.

There are not many requirements. I ask that you be a woman. Since I am only casting for female roles. So you must not have a shlong. Never have had a shlong. And never have thought about getting a shlong. Well... I guess it is alright if you have thought about it. But you can't have ever actually did the research. Ok... I guess it is alright just as long as you never have gone to see the doctor about it. Well... I guess that is even alright. Just as long as you don't have a shlong right now. Or ever had.

There are spots open for all kinds. All races. With all beliefs and customs. And all species... well... not all species. Exceptions can be made... if you are a well mannered monkey or just about any animal that has a firm grasp on the english language. Then please apply. Don't apply if you are an animal that will get us kicked out of places. Unless the reason for the boot is you got caught sticking KY jelly and Magnum condems in sweet lil old ladies baskets at HEB. That would be so cool.

A little about the star. He is a 35 year old single white male. Never been married. Doesn't have any children. He owns his truck and rents his home. He makes a damn good living at what he does. He considers hisself witty, charming, and a must have for those of you women that collect men!!!!

Several spots are still open. Including the best female friend. The shoulder to cry on. Arm candy, and the leading lady. Act quickly because spots must be cast very soon.

This reality show sounds boring. I'd rather watch my grandma knit a sweater than this guy's life.

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  1. I'm still unsure about his stance on shlongs. He's not very clear about that, is he?