Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fetish time

My question is - how do you know that this is your fetish? What if he never touched silicon? How would he know it's what floats his boat?

Craig's List - Atlanta - m4w

Silicone Freak Needs TLC - 38

What is a silicone freak? well really to some it's not very freaky, and neither am I... but I enjoy my fetish and need to continue, however I am getting to the point that it is become a very fring thing. So... here's the deal:

I am seeking: Female that is turned on and not put off by this fetish, you must be interested in being a companion and friend first (no I am not gay) and then if things grow from that I am open to a LTR. The main reason for this is that I am not a "looks only guy", I need substance and someone that I truly enjoy being around. Also, you should be upper class, enjoy travel, and culture, dressing up is important to me, and I do custom fashion to keep in style with the trend and to accomodate my size... but I always look good, smell good and am well kempt... I have diverse looks from long-hair and a breard, to crew and clean. I am a great cook, wonderful conversationalist, I have a 4-year degree (4.0s) from a major university in classical studies (which doesn't do much for the career but... I am well read and well cultured) and work for myself and clients in tech, lately more towards web dev then infrastructure.


  1. It's like a diaper. A disgusting, creepy diaper. I am both repelled and curious...and there's a little nausea there, too.

    What's with the big ol' shiny man ring there?