Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An expiration date on love

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There is a bright side to cleaning

Everyone wants to be in love during winter and I'm no differnt. So it's a beautiful late October afternoon, and my relationship status is such that I am cleaning out my sock drawer. I get to the bottom, and discover 5 blue, foil squares. Ah...old friends, I remember you well. The optimism of buying a box of 12. The butterflies in the stomach on the night of your unveiling. And now you sit abandoned. And, it turns out, soon to expire.

I'm a frugal sort. I hate wasting anything. So now I've got a timeline for final deployment: Dec 1st. I'm very task oriented--I love working against a deadline. SWM, blue eyes, brwn hair, very handsome - relationship preferred.

Interesting approach. You can tell he is goal-oriented, organized and does not want to be wasteful. Too bad most girls don't want to date someone because his condoms will expire soon.


  1. Ha, don't those things have a really long shelf life? I feel sorry for this dude. And the use of the word "deployment" here is priceless.

  2. That' I'm just grossed out by the combo of socks and condoms.

    That might just be me. I'm kinda foot-phobic.