Thursday, December 31, 2009

You complete me.

Craig's List - Atlanta - w4m

Single Amputee Looking for Her Missing Part

What's left of me is beautiful, I don't need to be patronized. I'm very self-constius of my missing arm. When I was 16 my boyfriend and I got in a fight. Long story short, he's still in jail and I'm left with the consequences. Just so u know, I'm still kind of attached to him so I visit him about once a month still. Moving on... I'm very educated. I graduated from comm. college so its importunt to me that I find a man as eqaul educated as me. I'm the classy type girl you wanna take to ur mama, not the type to be thrown away after a one-night stand in the back of your crappy yellow Lincoln with torn seats.

If its importunt to u, I'm white. I'm about 5"5'. I'm a very romantic type. I want someone to take me out on a nice, fancy date and treat me like the classy woman I am. I have no kids though I want some. I like sex a lot so I plan on having alot of kids, but that just comes with the teritory ;) Oh yeah, one last thing, I really like God. Like if He were a person, u know, like walking down the street, we'd be best friends. You need to be a Christan, like me and I'm sure we'll get along real good.

No one wants to waste time, so email me your picture and I will send you one of me. I'm looking forward to meeting my true love. <3

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