Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Ranter!

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i am deaf guy who said no babies means no pains

I think that when some people may realize that strong drugs or drink is not good for their health but they take them anyway because their bad feeling keep telling them, if you don't take them then that bad feeling will increase bad feeling in order to trick them into thinking that what if the bad feeling will last lifetime therefore they take them in order to shut up the bad feeling. I think they are tricked by their bad feeling because in reality the drugs and drink are far more deadly bad feeling than natural bad feeling

Now I am talking about having children which I think it's same thing with drugs and bad feeling. Some people may realize that earth is overpopulation and full of pains therefore they decide not to have a baby but their bad feeling keep pressure on them by telling them that if they don't have a baby then they will suffer with more bad feelings, eventually they give up then decide to have a baby. I think they are too selfish with their bad feeling because they should rather suffer with their bad feeling for refusing to have a baby. Because having a baby is more deadly painful than their bad feeling. For from one baby can produce millions of people on earth in the future therefore the pain can be countless.

Sometime they may make a good excuse for having a baby is that "what if my baby can be helpful to painful world" ? But its no guarantee that their child will help stop people from having more babies. No child is guarantee no more children. Why not they adopt a child to help the world instead ?

Some people may say why not I kill myself because I don't believe in more babies. Well, I think I am too selfish to be still alive. Whether I kill myself or not , pain is still wrong. Some people may say I may have more pain than average people but what if they have a baby then that will be double pains than I have because of additional people on earth.

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