Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shoot for the moon!

Craig's List - Atlanta - m4w

are you an intelligent artistic squirter?

Ok...so here it goes. Though I know this sounds a little strange to be seeking before knowing someone's personality it seems to be a characteristic I must have to be satisfied in a friendly/ or amorous sexual relationship. Im a SWM with an oral fixation and prefer the ever elusive women who "squirt" or pee when they climax. I do understand they are not the same thing and as long as you have a hair trigger response to oral stimulation/ or penetration which results in a orgasmic fountain it does not matter to me which it is. I like both. While it may seem superficial to seek this out in a potential amorous friend/ partner to me this rare gift typically reflects an openness and clarity in a woman's sexuality/ personality which i find irresistible. Not that this is the only thing Im drawn too; certainly not. I also prefer intelligent, sardonic, artistic types who read and have good hair but truly Im seeking the rare combination of all of these features.The proverbial needle in the hay stack apparently. Either way, I would really like to meet you. Lets talk.

Haha, spell check is telling me "squirter" is not a word. Guess we will have to write to Mr. Webster about that one.

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