Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sexaholics Unite?

I first thought he was looking for anonymous sex, but I misread.

Craig's List - New Orleans - m4w

Sex anonymous anyone?

Ok, here goes. My wife wants me to go to sex rehab or sex anonymous because she says I am a sexaholic. Is there even a such thing? If there were such a thing would it be like AA? Problem is that I don’t think I have a problem since my equipment is working fine for me. I was thinking, maybe someone out there would be interested in being my support group and go with me. I do think it would kind of stupid though to put others like me in the same room don’t you? I am not a perv or anything like that. I am only interested in ladies of legal age interested in the same thing I am interested in. She says I have too many female friends go figure. All of my myspace friends are females between 18 and 42. Ok, now all the judgmental people out there can kiss my A$$. Then click the little X in the top right hand of your screen. If you feel the same way I do and interested in finding one of these classes somewhere to see if there is someone to convince me that I actually have a problem and should do something about it than please feel free to write me. You can also write me if you just want a good laugh since you and I know I would never attend one of those meetings. I am not interested in joining your religion or praying with you about any crap like that. I am not interested in joining any sites like safegirls, lonely wives club or anything like that since that would only make things worse don’t you think? Ok, now you are laughing! Problem is I am completely serious!

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