Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mommy and me

Either he is lying about his mom helping with the ad, or he and his mom are a little too close for comfort.

Craig's List - Los Angeles - m4w

♥My Mother Wrote This Personal Ad For Me, So I Could Meet Someone Nice - 33

I'm black (sbm), which probably means I could hit a home run with my ....
I live alone, which probably means you can scream if my .... makes you happy
I'm amazing with my tongue, probably means I can talk to your lower lips
I'm writing in this weird format, which probably means I'm creative
I like black women (sbf), probably means I have a strong ....
I like white women (swf), probably means I don't mind hearing the word "awesome" when my pants come off
I like asian women (saf), probably means I still think I can master this tantra thing
I like hispanic women (shf, latina), probably means I like sex in the kitchen
I like older women (milf), probably means I like women with confidence
I like younger women, probably means I'm at my halfway point, and can still listen to you talk for hours about your ipod playlist, and not shoot myself
I like unavailable women, married, dating, in relationships, probably means I'm old enough to understand
I like shaved genitals, probably means I don't like brushing my teeth with pubic hair
I like pictures, probably means I'm real, and not a time waster
I'm in shape, probably means a 6 pack is visible
I'm bbw friendly, probably means I know what to do with big tits
I'm skinny chick, athletic woman, female with curves friendly,
probably means I'm universal :)
I like myspace links in a response, probably means the quicker we can swap myspace links, the quicker you can come over to my place, and sit on my face...

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