Tuesday, December 8, 2009

He's got jungle fever...

Craig's List - New Orleans - m4w

Jungle Fever

This Great White Ape has been feeling hotter than usual for the native jungle girls. He is interested in finding one to swing from his vine. Me Tarzan..you Jane, Mary...Sue..Cassandra..it don't matter..what's in a name after all?
I love women with athletic bodies and ladies of African descent have such incredible butts when they are of the athletic build. I would love to see my skin pressed next to and contrasted by a lovely dark skin..of course..if you are a cafe' au lait..I love that too..you have been gifted with the perfect tan without the sun..no matter what the hue...it has its own unique appeal..and I will relish any of them. I only ask that you be of above average looks because I am..and pardon my lack of modesty..but..this is an AD.

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