Sunday, February 21, 2010

She will set you on fire with her eyes and not in a good way.

Craig's List - Austin - w4m

Crazy in love with life - 22

this computer has no spell ENJOY! its going to be a bumpy ride.

Man alive. i had the worlds best CL add typed up.annnnnd then the computer crashed . after a few choice words not to mention some extream restraint on my part for not throwing the laptop across the room. i have started again, and sadly this one is going to be painstakeingly bland.*sigh*
crazy tall, 6'3"
Artistic ,spontanious, insanely odd.
chubby...fat...big boned however the heck you want to say it.
(all this personality cant fit in a little package noooo way)
im outdoorsy and go to the gym regularly i simply have more chubbin for the lovein.(for some odd reason that saying allways makes me think of bunnys)
Any who~
i have a kid *GASP* calm down...breath...okay listen. im not trying to push my kid on anyone, and if we did hit it off. you would not be meeting her untill waaaaaaaaaay downt the line.

feel better? okay ill continue.
my hair is forever changeing. curently im in a bright red kick. but who knows when it will change again.
quite a few tattoos.

20-30 something. im bendy on the age. as it is but a number.
Dont care about hight.
if you can keep up with me then i dont really care about shape.
race is again not an issue.
however. if your mama droped you on your head as a child after you chewed on lead lined baby crib bars im not intrested.
i apreciate debate.intelegance is attractive to me.
relatively atractive would also be lovely.
FUNNY. oh lord if you can make me laugh i can forgive everything.
owning a T-rex is a big plus

now here are the kickers.
No 420 or atleast not be dependent on it. i dont like drugs around me.
non smoker would be the best. but if you just dont do it around me we would be gravy. im alergic and trust me it would not be

and the big one (drum roll plz)
manners. as in , have them. dont ask me to come over for "sexy time" in the first email or i will set you on fier with my eyes~!
i dont want to have to explain another dissaperance to the cops. my excuses are running a little thin.
"oh that scorch mark officer...uh...thats just where a meteor landed ..yep , fell right out of the sky"

shoot this is too long.

PUT "Mad ninja skillz" in the subject line so i can sift through the non ninja bots. Thanks.


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