Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Say what?

Craig's List - Atlanta - m4w

Racial Abuse - 33

Looking for a young sexy black woman turned on by the idea of an older white man being forceful, rough, and racially abusive with her. Slaps, belt-swings, horrible language (and especially that one word) -- even that barely covers it all. And I'd do my best to convince you I mean it, that I do think such is proper and natural, when no, I really don't. I just note the idea makes some of you wetter and it can be a lot of fun for both parties. Those few D/s blacks not racist enough to tolerate white owners as well as black ones -- well, they're a hell of a lot of fun. Rough sex, hot talk, why hold back? Intertwined limbs showing a dichotomy of coloration -- that's almost as sexy as cumming in a pretty young lady who's crying her ass off, because she asked you to make her cry as you did so...

This isn't for everyone. But I'm sure I'll get my say. Black-positive but kinky? Love the Americans that take a non-offensive post and flag it down over it being beyond their understanding. Keep it up, normally I can't repost for 3-4 days, but each time it's removed I get a fresh repost/top-billing for reposting it. It's an otherwise boring day...

No wonder his post keeps getting flagged. And no wonder he is still single.

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